Consumer Unit Installation

Consumer unit installation and upgrades across Torbay.

I install new consumer units across Paignton, Torquay, Brixham, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Dartmouth. Need a new consumer unit to replace or upgrade your current model? At Philippe Couve, I  will be happy to help! To get in touch, call me today on 01803 665040, or check out my contact details down below.

Consumer units explained

Consumer units are made up of several key parts that come together to help power your home. The main components are: 
  • Main switch- this switch controls the supply of electricity through your home and is switched on and off manually
  • Residual Current Devices- RCDs trip to protect you from electric shocks or injury
  • Circuit breakers- these are similar to RCDs but control specific parts of your home, usually for each room
  • Timer- not all consumer units have a timer but they are becoming more common as they allow you to set circuits to switch off at certain times
  • MCBs- MCBs trip when a circuit is overloaded and can then be reset

Your local electrician in Paignton

I install new consumer units across Paignton. Is it time to upgrade your consumer unit to something more modern and suited to your home? Or does your current unit just need replacing due to a fault? Whatever you need, I will be happy to assist! I am fully qualified when it comes to domestic electrical work, so I guarantee you and your home will be in safe hands! 

Need an electrician in Paignton?

Need an electrician to install your new consumer unit? I install consumer units across Paignton, Torquay, Brixham, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Dartmouth. For a qualified and experienced electrician, come to Philippe Couve today! To contact me, call on 01803 66504007884457319, fill out the contact form on my website, or email at

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